Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SWABI Schedule - FEB 12 Update

Hello Swabbies...
Here's the official schedule of upcoming SWABI events as of Tuesday, February 12th:
2/16  SAT  7 PM   2-4  NEXUS OPS          
                       (LOTR CONFRONTATION)  
2/20  WED  7 PM   2-4  WINGS OF WAR       
2/24  SUN  1 PM   3-6  COSMIC ENCOUNTER   
                       (TWIXT, LIONHEART)  
2/27  WED  7 PM    2   DUNGEON TWISTER      
3/01  SAT  1 PM   3-5  PIRATES COVE       
                       (STARSHIP CATAN)        
3/05  WED  7 PM    2   BATTLELORE 
3/07  FRI  9 AM   ---  COLD WARS (DAY 1)
3/08  SAT  9 AM   ---  COLD WARS (DAY 2)           
3/09  SUN  7 PM   2-4  HEROSCAPE           
Note that the games to be played are subject to change depending on how many sessions take place (versus those that are cancelled due to lack of participation, bad weather, etc.) and other factors. The Primary Game is the main game to be played. In those cases where the primary game is a multi-player game (or works best with 3+ players) and only 2 people wind up attending a session, then the Backup Game will be played instead. 
Additional information on the next 2 upcoming game sessions is provided below.

    Game = Nexus Ops
          (2-4 players, EPT = 1 hour)
          Science Fiction, Wargame
          (Weight = 3, Sevy's Rating = 8) 
Nexus Ops -- Video Review = http://bookshelfgames.com/Permlink/Ep004.html 
Lord of the Rings: Confrontation -- Video Review = http://bookshelfgames.com/Permlink/Ep024.html                    
RSVP Deadline: Friday, FEB 15 (by 7 PM)
    Game = Wings of War
           (2-4 players, EPT = 45 mins)
           World War I, Aerial Dogfighting   
           (Weight = 2, Sevy's Rating = 8)    
RSVP Deadline: Tuesday, FEB 19 (by 7 PM)

Please remember to RSVP by the email deadline if you want to play in a given game session.
Also note that the SWABI schedule will always be posted on the Six Sided Rhinoceros blog (http://sixsidedrhino.blogspot.com/), so you can go there to check for updates as well. You may also be interested in yesterday's post of my Game Rankings. Check 'em out!

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