Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SWABI News (Feb 19)

Here's the latest across the stormy seas in SWABI news...
Status of Wednesday Game (FEB 20)
At this point, nobody has responded and said that they're coming to Wednesday night's gaming session (Wings of War). So I'm going to go ahead and cancel that session. I can certainly use that time to do some extra work with Rhino Baseball player data updates (I'm currently in the midst of crunching/creating stats for well over 100 minor league prospects). 
So I'll reschedule Wings of War for another time.
New Time for Sunday Game (FEB 24)
I'm moving the starting time for this Sunday's game session from 1 PM back to 7 PM. When originally scheduling this session, I glossed over the fact that I'm attending a Hershey Bears hockey game on Saturday Night (2/23). Since I'll be at church and then breakfast on Sunday morning, that doesn't give me any time to prepare for hosting the gaming session. So mark the new starting time of 7 PM on your calendars and please RSVP by email if you plan to attend. Cosmic Encounter is still on the docket for this week, and since it got the shaft earlier, Wings of War will be the backup 2-player game. 
ALSO... I may switch next weekend's session from Saturday afternoon (March 1) to Sunday afternoon (March 2). Gotta check into some things schedule-wise before I make anything official, but I wanted to give everyone a heads-up. 
New Blood?
I still haven't been able to get in touch with one of our prospective new gamers by telephone (Jason), but hope to have that settled soon. However, I do have some promising news to share. I may have found another gamer! It's still in the early stages, but I found someone through the NearbyGamers website that has some interest in the gaming group. I'm going to email him with some followup info tonight and hope to talk to him as the next step.
You know what they say... Baby steps!
Central PA Gamers
There's a local boardgaming group called the Central PA Game Club that meets once per week. Half the weekends each month they hold afternoon gaming sessions on the East Shore (in the library behind the Colonial Park Mall), and the other half of the time they meet on the West Shore (in the Mechanicsburg Art Gallery). From the info on their website it seems that they play mostly Euros (German/Designer boardgames).   
If any Swabbies are interested, perhaps we could arrange to go to one of their sessions together to check things out? Although the types of games that the Central PA Gamers play don't fit into my favorite categories (I'm a hobby gamer who ideally prefers "Ameritrash" style battle and adventure games, light/medium wargames, and miniatures wargames), I'm still willing to give them a chance. I own and enjoy several classic Euros very much such as Carcassonne, Through the Desert, Domaine, Ticket to Ride, Citadels, Mystery of the Abbey, and others. 
So anyway, if this interests you, let me know! 
TrashFest 2008
This new 4-day games convention being held in Timonium, Maryland looks kinda interesting: TrashFest 2008
It's all open gaming and covers many of the types of games that I truly love. Timonium is a little less than 1.5 hours away, I was there for an HMGS East miniatures convention, so it's definitely within comfortable driving distance for us Central PA folks.
Check it out and let me know what you think.

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