Monday, February 11, 2008

Game Rankings by SultanSevy

Today, I wanted to share some of my personal views on tabletop games in the way of game rankings.

The following set of game rankings is for those tabletop games that are currently in my collection. There are a few omissions, mostly of games that I have no intention of ever playing and which will be going up on eBay eventually or sold privately. I also left out expansions to base games (such as those for Battlelore, HeroScape, Talisman, etc.) as well as a couple of rules sets included in wargaming books.

This list is primarily aimed at the members of SWABI, so that they can quickly see what types of games are in my collection and which ones I'm most likely to pull out during upcoming gaming sessions. However, my hope is that other visitors to this blog will find the list interesting as well, and will venture out to BoardGameGeek and The Miniatures Page to find out more about these games.

A quick note about the ratings:
  • The RATE column is my personal rating (on a scale of 1 to 10). These ratings could change over time as I play & study some of these games more, but my feeling is that they're very safe bets within +/- 2 places (i.e. a game rated 7 is unlikely to ever rise beyond a 9 or drop below a 5 in my estimation).
  • The WEIGHT column is a guideline to the depth and complexity of the game play and its associated rules. Games with a Weight = 1 are simple to learn and lightweight, while games with Weight = 5 have complex rules and very deep, meaty game play.

For a list of games that I have available for trade, or those on my wishlist, see my profile (SultanSevy) on BoardGameGeek. Have fun!

BOARD GAMERATEPlayersTimeWeightType
HeroScape102 to 4903Battle
Statis Pro Baseball102603Sports
Domaine102 to 4904Strategy
Feudal102 to 6903Battle
Dungeon Twister92604Strategy
Through the Desert92 to 5453Strategy
Lord of the Rings: Confrontation92303Strategy
Wizard Kings92 to 71504Wargame
Hammer of the Scots921804Wargame
Shadows Over Camelot93 to 7903Adventure
Acquire92 to 6903Economic
Talisman92 to 61803Adventure
Tide of Iron92 to 41205Battle
Strat-O-Matic Hockey92903Sports
Wings of War -- Miniatures82 to 4452Miniatures
Ticket to Ride82 to 5602Strategy
Carcassonne82 to 5602Strategy
Citadels82 to 7602Strategy
Condottiere82 to 6602Wargame
Cosmic Encounter83 to 6903Strategy
Nexus Ops82 to 4603Battle
Cash 'N Guns84 to 6301Negotiation
Prophecy82 to 51804Adventure
Win, Place, & Show83 to 61203Sports
Pirate's Cove83 to 5902Adventure
Battle Cry (Borg)82452Battle
Arkham Horror82 to 81805Adventure
Doom82 to 41804Adventure
Blood Bowl821204Sports
Wargods of Aegyptus821805Miniatures
Tactica Medieval821804Miniatures
SI Baseball81 to 2453Sports
Monsters Menace America72 to 4902Wargame
Starship Catan72603Strategy
Slapshot72 to 10301Sports
Guillotine72 to 5301Cards
Monkeys on the Moon72 to 4603Strategy
Hordes of the Things72 to 6454Miniatures
Mystery of the Abbey73 to 61203Strategy
Chaos Marauders72 to 4451Cards
Scrabble72 to 4903Word
Attack!72 to 61803Wargame
Saboteur73 to 10301Cards
Pinochle72 to 4453Cards
Ancient/Medieval Warfare721203Miniatures
Facts In Five71 to 5302Word
Pursue the Pennant72604Sports
NHL Strategy72603Sports
SI Football71 to 2903Sports
Stocks & Bonds62 to 8603Economic
Apples to Apples64 to 10301Word
Trivial Pursuit62 to 24902Trivia
Mystery Rummy62 to 4452Cards
Balderdash63 to 6601Word
Rogue Trooper62 to 61202Adventure
Illuminati62 to 61203Strategy
Executive Decision62 to 6903Economic
Dark Tower61 to 4902Adventure
Bowl Bound62602Sports
Orc's Drift621204Miniatures
Scene It! Movie Edition62301Trivia
De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA)62 to 6454Miniatures
Warrior Heroes621504Miniatures
Thinking Man's Golf61 to 4602Sports
Battle Cry (Amer.Heritage)62 to 4602Wargame
Vis Magica622405Miniatures
All Wound Up52 to 4601Miniatures
Poker52 to 10303Cards
Knightmare Chess52603Abstract
De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM)521805Miniatures
Wise & Otherwise52 to 6451Word
Monopoly52 to 81802Economic
Dark Emperor521204Wargame
Tactics II521203Wargame
Diplomacy52 to 73605Negotiation
Russian Campaign523605Wargame
Pass the Pigs42 to 10301Dice
Jargon42 to 6602Word
Rummy-O42 to 4301Domino
Blue Line Hockey42452Sports
Milk & Cookies Rules42903Miniatures
Rollout42 to 61203Economic
Image32 to 6302Trivia
VH1 Pop Up Video32452Trivia
Let's Go to the Races34 to 16603Sports
Trivial Pursuit - Sports Edition32 to 6603Trivia
Americana Golf21 to 4451Sports
Yahtzee12 to 10301Dice

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