Saturday, July 21, 2012

Great News from Wargames Foundry

I've always been a massive fan of the wonderfully characterful fantasy figures that Foundry produces. They also make some damn fine historical minis as well, across a variety of periods.

But the biggest problem with UK-based Foundry has always been their ridiculously high prices and scarce availability in the United States.

Not being able to find what I really want at US shows, I've visited their website to peruse their collections. But buying these figures directly from their website has stopped me dead in my tracks. The prices were just too steep for my pockets.

But not anymore.

Foundry has made, at least in my humble opinion, a brilliant move of late. They've reduced the prices on their miniatures to much more affordable levels and have completely eliminated the enormous expense of shipping models overseas to the USA. Shipping is now really affordable. Hooray!

Yes, there are still some pricey figures to be sure, but there are also some excellent deals as well. The 16 figure War Orc regiment pictured above is now only $42.57. These are gorgeous, chunky, metal models. At less than $3 per figure, I think they're a terrific buy. 

So do yourself a favor and check out the NEW Foundry. They're trying hard to get back in the game by adjusting their prices, bringing back old popular ranges, and offering more options for buying their minis (more single packs, regiments, big collections). Massive kudos to them.