Saturday, September 8, 2007

Zen Again: Otherworld Miniatures

I recently stumbled across a range of 28mm fantasy minis made out of pewter that got me so excited that I giggled like a little school girl. The figures are manufactured by a british company called Otherworld Miniatures (

For those of you who were gaming in the good old days when Dungeons & Dragons was in its infancy and you didn't need a PHD to learn how to play it, you will be simply amazed when you see these minis. Not only is the sculpting absolutely beautiful, but they are dead ringers for those classic images of devils, giants, and orcs that graced the pages of the early editions of the D&D Monster Manual.

The pig-faced orcs are particularly cool. When it comes to orcs, I'm partial to more traditional-looking goblinesque orcs such as those made by Games Workshop, Foundry, or West Wind.

The snout-faced nasties from Otherworld have a style all their own, and really deserve to be considered as a separate entity from standard orcs. They're truly irresistable, and so neat that I'm contemplating creating a separate race of pig-men creatures for the Sword of Severnia tabletop wargame so that players can field units of these unique and colorful creatures in their battles. Check out some of the images of these critters:

The only downside of these minis for American wargamers is that they're priced in British Pounds rather than US dollars, and the price-per-figure cost is on the high-end of the pricing spectrum.

That said, the sculpting quality of these figures appears to be top-notch and the uniqueness of these figures makes them an attractive buy for collectors and veteran gamers looking for a nice change of pace from Games Workshop world domination. It's always good to support the smaller companies in our great hobby.

You can purchase the minis from the company's web site:

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