Thursday, September 13, 2007

Game Club -- Sign-Up Deadline for Weekly Games

If you wish to sign-up to play in a weekly game session once the email notice for that game has been sent to everyone, you must let me know that you're playing by the following deadlines:
  • If SATURDAY game, sign-up by Midnight on THURSDAY night.
  • If SUNDAY game, sign-up by Midnight on FRIDAY night.
If I don't get the minimum number of people signed-up to play in a game, I'll cancel the game session. I'll send out an email with the cancellation notice on the morning after the sign-up deadline has passed.

I need to impose these deadlines so that I can plan my weekend activities around whether we are or are not going to have a game session, and I also need to work my prep-time in there as well (reviewing the rules, getting drinks/snacks if needed, etc.).

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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