Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekly Gaming at Sevy's

The game club idea is alive & kicking. I've got roughly 15 people in the mix, and I'm hopeful that I can draw in another 5-to-8 once this thing gets off the ground. Right now, the group of interested people includes the following folks, who I've broken down into 2 groups:
  • Regulars = those people who seem most interested in playing games on a regular basis, coming to several sessions per month and playing just about any type of board game, card game, or war game that I toss out there.
  • Light Gamers = those people who plan to come only very sporadically, or who are interested in only very specific types of games (such as Party games or Card games).
I've created these groupings for 2 reasons. First, I want to know who the "regulars" are going to be so that I can discuss nitty-gritty club details with them and shape the monthly game schedule to focus on their availability and likes & dislikes as much as possible. After all, they're the folks who are going to be participating in gaming sessions most often.

Secondly, it gives the light-gamers a little sense of relief. They may only show up to play a game once every 4-to-8 weeks. That's fine with me. I'm happy to have them as part of the game club. Since they're classified as a light-gamer they know that my expectations for them are low (participation-wise), so they don't need to feel like they're making me spend lots of time gearing sessions specifically towards them when they're not going to be coming on a regular basis. I don't want anyone to feel guilty about any of this; the game club is meant to be fun and certainly not stressful. We've all got enough stress at work!

Onto the breakdowns...

  • Steve Severino
  • Wally Wenklar
  • Kevin Sarnowski
  • Kenny Alfery
  • Mayer Foner
  • Joe Foner
  • Hunter Wenklar
  • Alton Whittle
  • Drew Whittle
  • Geoff Kyper
  • Anna Severino
  • Greg Hagins -and- Janelle Hagins
  • Pat Noll -and- Carol Noll
  • Ed Chance
  • Mike Hoover
If you feel that I've stuck you in the wrong group, please let me know and I'll gladly change it. I wasn't 100% sure where to put Joe, Hunter, and Alton & Drew so I played it safe.

The name for our little local game club is The GODS. GODS stands for Games On Darius Society. Since I'm hosting these events at my place on Darius Drive, I thought this fit quite nicely and was easy to remember.

I worked up the official schedule of gaming sessions for the month of September 2007. I will notify you guys if the schedule changes (dates, times, or games), but for now the schedule is as follows:

  • SEP 9 (SUN @ 7 PM) = Ticket to Ride
  • SEP 12 (WED @ 7 PM) = Feudal
  • SEP 16 (SUN @ 7 PM) = Pirate's Cove
  • SEP 23 (SUN @ 7 PM) = Cash N' Guns
  • SEP 26 (WED @ 7 PM) = HeroScape
  • SEP 29 (SAT @ 7 PM) = Citadels
About 6-7 days prior to each game session, I'll send out an email to the group with some info about the upcoming session and game to be played. That will be your cue to let me know (via email or phone call) if you are coming to that session to play. For now, I'm going to take requests-to-play on a first-come, first-served basis. I'm going to ponder how to make that system better because I want to be fair to everyone. Your ideas are always welcomed. Drop me an email or make a comment on the Six Sided Rhinoceros blog (http://sixsidedrhino.blogspot.com/).

Game On!

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