Friday, March 28, 2008

Pictures from Cold Wars -- Volume 2

As promised, here are several more pictures from Cold Wars 2008 courtesy of my picture-taking pal Kevin Sarnowski. Hope you enjoy Part-2 of this 3-part visual goodies series!
We start off with some photos from the beautiful Gnome Wars game. The Sikh gnomes are invading the village, and it looks like they have company. Is that a band of Ice Trolls heading in from the coast?

But wait, are those German gnomes advancing!

We liked this neat medieval village atop the cliffs, and admired a World War II game with scads of paratroopers dropping in from above...

Here's a big American Civil War battle, followed by some ship battles...

And finally, some close-ups of airships from a Sky Galleons of Mars game, and preparations for Roman chariot racing...

And that's the scoop for Part-2. I will hopefully get some pics that I took on Saturday (3/08) offloaded from my digital camera soon. I'll share those once they're ready to show.

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