Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wargamers and Shopping

If I were a rich man... deedle doodle deedle do... I'd buy all the wargames in the world, if I were a wealthy man...

Alright, maybe I wouldn't buy ALL the wargames in the world. That wouldn't be fair to all the other miniature wargamers who need to feed their addictions. There should always be enough miniatures, terrain, game books, and dice to go around for everyone. I shudder to imagine a world without tiny tin troops, painted plastic platoons, and lines of Lilliputian lead legions! The tragedy of it all would surely be unbearable.

Fortunately, we live in a "golden age" for miniature wargamers. There has never been more in the way of purchasing choices for the discerning wargamer. Between game rules and miniatures for every period and scale imaginable, to pre-painted soldiers and terrain, to a vast array of quality paints and modelling tools, to countless books on warfare and hobby-related activities, the choices that gamers have nowadays are truly fantastic. And that's a really good thing, because if there's one thing that wargamers love to do, it's SHOP.

Outsiders to the wonderful world of wargaming don't understand our inherent lust for toy soldiers. When they see our numerous pots of paint and brushes, scores of blister packs and boxes full of unpainted miniatures, shelves of rulebooks and finely painted figures, and bags full of dice, they think "how could you possibly need any more?" We look at them with a puzzled expression, momentarily thinking that perhaps they're right. How will we ever paint all those toy soldiers? When will we ever have the time to play every wargame that we own? And just how many shades of green paint does a person really need?

But then we surf the internet and our eyes grow wide as we stare at the dazzling array of gorgeously painted tiny warriors marching across imaginary fields of battle. Or even worse, we travel to a game convention and see booth upon booth filled with tempting toys. The boy inside each of us begins to reach out. Rational thought goes out the window. We feel for our wallets. The real game has begun; the quest to feed our inner-geek.

With the 2007 FALL IN convention just a few days away, I've made up my own personal list of things that I'm interested in hunting for. The key word here is interested. I certainly don't need all of these things, nor could I afford to buy them all. Some of them are pure curiosities more than must-haves. But what's really intriguing about my list is its sheer size. I don't consider myself a "material person", but after looking at this list, I'm beginning to wonder if it's not my inner geek who needs satisfied, but rather, my inner Madonna. Just take a gander:


  1. Markers & tokens (fire, smoke, wounds, morale, etc.) by Litko or Gale Force Nine.
  2. Wooden Dice Tray
  3. Reaper Paints - Triad sets
  4. Coat D'Arms Paints - Paint Sets (Medieval, Goblin, Elves)
  5. Scale Creep - magnetic sheeting and steel bases

Miniatures & Terrain:

  1. HeroScape - Wave #7
  2. AT-43 - starter set
  3. Wings of War - WWI miniature airplanes
  4. Wargods of Aegyptus - Anubi, Mummies, Sebeki, Khemru
  5. Wargods of Olympus - Spartans
  6. Black Hat - Goblins, Centaurs
  7. Eureka - Warrior Frogs, Winged Monkeys
  8. Crusader - Saxon Huscarls, Pirate Orcs
  9. Front Rank - 100 Years War and War of the Roses
  10. Splintered Light - 15mm fantasy
  11. Blue Moon Miniatures - Horror/Pulp boxed sets
  12. Confrontation 4 - starter set
  13. Hordes - Trollbloods, Circle Oboros
  14. Reaper Legendary Encounters
  15. McFarlane's Dragons
  16. EM-4 - Ludus Gladiatorus
  17. World Tank Museum - mini WWII tanks
  18. Gridded Game Mat (4'x6', Green) by Monday Knight Productions
  19. ESLO - forests, hills, and buildings
  20. Baueda - Medieval Camps & Tents
  21. JR Miniatures - 28mm rivers and roads

Board Wargames:

  1. Battlelore expansions - Call to Arms, Goblins, Dwarves, 100 Yrs War
  2. Attack! - expansion
  3. Wings of War
  4. Prophecy
  5. Wizard Kings
  6. Hammer of the Scots
  7. Crusader Rex
  8. El Grande
  9. Tide of Iron
  10. War of the Ring
  11. Lord of the Rings: Confrontation
  12. Warrior Knights
  13. Fury of Dracula
  14. Colossal Arena
  15. Cave Troll
  16. Condottiere
  17. Titan
Miniature Wargame Rules:
  1. Piquet - Fantasy, Band of Brothers
  2. Gnome Wars
  3. Age of Might & Steel
  4. Medieval Wargaming (Neil Thomas)
  5. Monster Island
  6. Blood Bowl - 3rd Edition
  7. Elfball
  8. For the Masses
  9. Vampire Wars
  10. All Things Zombie
  12. Valor, Flesh, & Steel
  13. Erin
  14. Alien Squad Leader
  15. Armati
  16. Knight Hack
  17. Day of Battle
Yup, that's a helluva lot of stuff! I guess it's good to have things to aspire to, right?

I'll let you know if I purchase any of these things at the FALL IN convention. Usually I'm on the lookout for pro-painted minis, but I might dive into some of the above items this time out.

Oh a-shopping we will go....

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