Saturday, November 3, 2007

GODS -- Game Sessions at Sevy's

Hello GODS Members,

November is a super-busy month for me, but things should be more flexible once we get into the DEC/JAN timeframe. That said, I was still able to schedule some gaming sessions for the next three months.

Here's the official Schedule of Game Sessions that I will be hosting over the next 3 months.

Please note that the Starting Time for these gaming events may change (especially those farther out in the schedule... DEC onwards). If that is the case, I will update the info on this blog and also send out a heads-up email noting the time change at least 1 week in advance.

Pirate's Cove (3-5 plyr, Pirate Adventure, 2 hrs, Info)

NOV 25 (SUNDAY @ 1 PM)
Shadows Over Camelot (3-7 plyr, King Arthur Adventure, Co-Op, 2 hrs, Info)

Acquire (2-6 plyr, Economic Strategy, 2 hrs, Info)

Citadels (2-7 plyr, Medieval City Building, Card Game, 1 hr, Info)

DEC 23 (SUNDAY @ 7 PM)
Cosmic Encounter (3-6 plyr, Sc-Fi Conquest & Negotiation, 2 hrs, Info)

Attack! (2-6 plyr, WWII Wargame, 3 hrs, Info)

JAN 20 (SUNDAY @ 7 PM)
Domaine (2-4 plyr, Medieval Land Conquest, 1.5 hrs, Info)

Lighter Fare -- Card Games:
If time permits and people want to stay for another 30-to-60 minutes after our main game finishes, I have a bunch of light, filler card games that we can play to wrap up an afternoon or evening session if time permits. These include:
Special Invite Games:
As I mentioned in a previous club email, I will also be inviting various people to play against me in some 2-player wargames when time permits and I can work it into my schedule. These would be tentatively called Wargame Wednesdays, since WED Nights seems to be the best fit for weekday games for most people based on the survey responses I got.

I'll cover some games that fit this mold in a later blog post, but you can bet your bippy that Battlelore, Battle Cry, and Dungeon Twister will figure prominently in that mix.

I'm also looking to buy several 2-player wargames that are on my games wishlist. These games include: Tide of Iron, War of the Ring, Crusader Rex, Hammer of the Scots, Duel in the Dark, and AT-43. There are also several multi-player wargames that I'm after which can also be played head-to-head including the fantasy block wargame Wizard Kings and WWI plane combat game Wings of War: Miniatures.

There's one additional note that I wanted to share. One of the game designers in our group (Mayer), has a few new games that he'd like to bring to Game Day / Game Night on occasion and have members of the group playtest. There are two games in particular that I'm aware of. One is a word-building game called Rotate, and another involves drafting a basketball team on-the-cheap. I'm happy to help him out, so I'm going to arrange for him to bring a game to one of my upcoming sessions, and I'll let everyone know when that will happen.

That's all for now. By the way, you can quickly find GODS Game Club related posts by looking in the Posts by Category section in the right-hand margin of this blog and clicking on the game club link.

See you later!

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