Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Zen Again: Dragonblood Lizardmen

Ooh... Ahhh... Nicey Nice Nice Nice!

All of you fantasy wargamers who love to parade marauding bands of lizardmen across the tabletop, now is the time to sit up and take notice! Dragonblood Miniatures ( has created a new line of 30mm Lizardmen warriors which are available for pre-order from their web site. The minis officially become available in September.

Just take a look at these sweet little nuggets of tin:

Now, I know that the average wargamer is not going to be able to paint these puppies anywhere near as beautifully as the folks at Dragonblood did. These figures are absolutely gorgeous!

If my Spidey Senses serve me correctly, the owner & brains behind Dragonblood Minis, Eric Louchard, used to paint and sell professionally painted miniatures on eBay under the name of the "Lone Brushman".

I always admired Eric's work, but since his stuff was showcase quality and usually sold in the $100 per figure range (or more), I never bought any of them since that was out of my price range. But I must say now that Dragonblood is selling their own line of metal minis, I am very tempted to purchase some of these. Yes, I already have more minis than I'll ever paint in my lifetime, but jeez, these are so damn cool!

Dragonblood is selling a set of 15 lizzies for $50. That would be 3 units of Warband for the Sword of Severnia (TM) fantasy wargame that I'm currently developing. That's good value for such excellent sculpts.

You can find out more about these lizardmen by going here:

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