Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Launching the Game Club

Wow. I mean Yowza Wowza Wow. Almost 4 weeks ago I sent out an initial email to a bunch of friends giving the heads-up on the little friendly local Game Club that I'm in the process of forming. I spent about 7-10 days doing some minor recruiting and gathering up email responses of interested people. I then planned to get in touch with a few key members, work up a schedule of gaming sessions, publish it for all to see, and get on with the fun stuff. But man, did life get in the way or what?

August is usually a slow month. But between my work, various weekend excursions, getting rid of our old living room furniture to make room for the new stuff, the ultra busy schedules of some of the "core members" of the group, and helping Anna photograph stuff for her blossoming eBay fetish, my best laid plans have been slightly delayed.

But have no fear, I got this web site launched last week. And I began roughing out the gaming session schedule this past weekend, and I'll be releasing the official September Schedule shortly (unless I'm kidnapped by pygmy zombies).

I was also fortunate enough to pickup 3 new games this month:

I realized that my collection was lacking a bit in lighter, fast-playing card games and games for large groups with an emphasis on fun/humor rather than deep strategy. These 3 games fit the bill pretty well in that regard and should be a nice complement to those meatier strategy games in my collection.

My basic goal for the Game Club from a scheduling perspective is to setup 6 sessions per month. Four of these sessions will fall on weekends (usually Sunday Nights at 7 PM, with the occasional Saturday Night or Sunday Afternoon mixed in where appropriate). The majority of respondents to my earlier email felt that SAT/SUN nights worked the best for them. The other two sessions will be slated for Wednesday Nights. Since mid-week sessions are likely to be less well attended than the weekend ones, I'll probably reserve them for 2-player games and small groups (3-4 players max). Things could change based on my experiences with this, but that's what I'm shooting for at the moment.

Another important thing is choosing the NAME of our little games club. I'll do some brainstorming, but any suggestions you guys have are certainly welcomed.

I hope to be back with a little more information about the Game Club later on in the week. Until then, if you want to start immersing yourself in game geekdom, why not check out the selection of links that I've provided in the right-hand column of this blog. The News & Review and Podcasts sections are especially great places to start.


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