Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pictures from Cold Wars 2012

Just wanted to share some digital pictures of several great looking games that I observed this weekend at Cold Wars 2012 (in Lancaster, Pennsylvania). Enjoy...

The first batch are from what I believe was a Weird War I or II game whose table was chock-full of interesting terrain and machines ... Some neat bi-planes, a windmill, mobile German cannon, towers, a graveyard, and assorted soldiers positioned in rocky hills and hiding in cover...

There was a cool Napoleonic era game where the cloud of musket fire (represented by swabs of cotton) contained flashing yellow LED lights, which neatly simulated the effects of muzzle flashes.

American Civil War Gnomes riding ponies through the desert in a Gnome Wars skirmish. I gotta say, I love the ACW gnomie cavalry. I'm not sure if the Island Native Gnomes they used for this game were scratch built or an upcoming release from Brigade, but they were really cool-looking, face-painted headhunters.

An eye-catching city scape for some urban fighting. I'm a big fan of buildings on the tabletop, so these piqued my interest.

Some ACW action in the cornfields. This picture doesn't really do the table any justice.

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