Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gnomes on the Brain

Just found this cool web blog solely dedicated to the fantastic Gnome Wars miniatures wargame.

For the next 59 days, the blog is covering the author's preparations for several Gnome Wars battle games that are being run during the Cold Wars convention in Lancaster, PA (March 8 - 11). 

Check it out.

I own and have reviewed the Gnome Wars rulebook, but have yet to get the game to the table. It looks like a really fun and hilarious system, and the games I've seen of it being played at various HMGS East conventions rank amongst the most memorable and entertaining wargames I've ever seen played.

I'm currently painting up some Swiss regiments (arquebusiers), with some Germans waiting in the wings. I'm planning to use these figures to form some gnome gunner regiments for my fantasy armies in the upcoming Sword of Severnia campaign that my buddies and I are starting this year. But I would love to get enough of these awesome little dudes to fight some Gnome Wars skirmishes against my friend Kevin's set of Leprechauns. And oh yeah, I need some bunny cavalry!

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