Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Middle 20 -- Part 1

Back in early February 2010, I listed my Top 15 favorite board games. That was the start of my effort to cull my board games collection down to 50 total games.

Well now it's time to pick out "The Middle 20". Since I'm feeling quite a bit under the weather today, I'll save my brief game-by-game comments until next time. For now, I'm just going to list 20 games (10 that I've played, plus 10 more in my collection that I haven't played yet but which I'm really hoping to get to the table over the next 12 months). So without further adieu, let's see the Middle 20 list!

10 Games I've Played
  1. Through the Desert -- Strategy (Abstract, Caravan Building)
  2. Colossal Arena -- Strategy (Economic / Bidding, Monster Gladiator Battles)
  3. Talisman -- Adventure (Quest, Fantasy)
  4. Cosmic Encounter -- Strategy (Negotiation, Aliens)
  5. Battle Cry -- Wargame (Tactical, Civil War)
  6. Dragon's Gold -- Strategy (Negotiation, Dividing Treasure)
  7. Cash 'N Guns -- Party (Negotiation, Mafia / Criminals)
  8. No Thanks -- Strategy (Economic / Bidding, Cards)
  9. Slapshot -- Sports (Strategy, Fantasy Hockey)
  10. Fearsome Floors -- Adventure (Head-to-Head, Escape from Monster)

10 Games I Haven't Played Yet

  1. Age of Conan -- Wargame (Campaign, Conan in Hyboria)
  2. El Grande -- Strategy (Area Control, Spanish Knights)
  3. Fire & Axe -- Strategy (Area Control, Viking Conquest)
  4. Nexus Ops -- Wargame (Campaign, Sci-Fi)
  5. Wallenstein -- Wargame (Campaign, 30 Years War)
  6. Blood Bowl -- Sports (Strategy, Fantasy Football/Rugby)
  7. Cave Troll -- Adventure (Head-to-Head, Escape from Troll)
  8. Big City -- Strategy (Area Control, City Building)
  9. Aladdin's Dragons -- Strategy (Economic / Bidding, Arabian Fantasy)
  10. Condottiere -- Strategy (Area Control, Italian Renaissance Wars)

More details about each game next time!

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