Thursday, May 29, 2008

June Schedule for the GODS

Here's a few brief, additional details about the June Schedule for the GODS gaming group.
<> Nobody was interested in attending Games Day Baltimore on June 14, so I won't be attending that convention. Truth be told, it's probably way too overpriced for what it is, especially since us Central PA wargamers already have 3 much better conventions to attend that are close by in Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall In.   
<> I have only received a small handful of responses so far (from Wally, Mayer, and David), but it looks like at least 3 people (including myself) can attend the gaming session on JUNE 14, and 3 people can attend the JUNE 25 session. So it looks like those gaming sessions are a go barring any unforeseen disasters.  
<> With only 1 person responding with a Yes, it looks like the JUNE 1 group session may be cancelled. Unless I get some last minute affirmitive responses by 7 PM tonight, I'm going to go ahead and cancel it and make other plans. 
<> I know that arranging your personal schedule 1-month in advance is a dicey proposition for some folks. Some people love the advanced notice of a monthly schedule, while others prefer to hang loose and plan their events only a few days in advance. Whatever floats your boat. All I can ask is that you try your best to LET ME KNOW at least 4 days ahead of time if you plan on coming to a planned gaming session. I would prefer that you let me know even earlier than that if possible, but if you're a last minute type of person, then at least give me the courtesy of 4-day advance notice so I can plan accordingly. Thanks. 
<> From time to time, I plan to extend personal invites to friends to come over and play 1-on-1 games. I've got a bunch of wargames, battle games, abstracts, and strategy games that fit the 2-player mold quite nicely. In fact, I might even go as far to say that 2 player games are my favorites (although it's a fine line). Anyway, I'll try to squeeze some head-to-head sessions in from time to time as my schedule allows it. Right now, with group playtesting of my Sword of Severnia miniatures wargame going on, finding the extra time won't be quite as easy as I would like, so please bear with me. 
<> Lastly, I put the first-ever POLL up on the Six Sided Rhinoceros blog. To find the poll, check the right-margin of the blog, just below the Blog Archive section. This week's poll asks you to choose your favorite Adventure (or Adventure/Strategy) games. You can check off as many games as you want. Feel free to choose both those you're already familiar with, as well as those that you're most eager to try out. 
Later gamers...

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